Uncle Phil and Shredder are the same person

Holy Shit!

Shredder Uncle Phil

It’s like finding out that your Mom is really your Dad. Or that your Mom is really Uncle Phil.

The truth was right there on IMDB the whole time, buried conspiracy-theory style underneath layers of Doctor Doolittle 2 and a mountain of TV movies:

How could we have been so blind?

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Why are dalmations firefighter mascots?

Yes. He’s a lieutenant. You must salute him.

Because they work very well with horses and before the invention of engines, fire engines were powered by horses. The dalmations would snap at the heels of the horses to make them run faster. Horses obviously aren’t used to draw fire engines anymore, but the dogs were kept on as mascots.

The bigger question is, what were fire engines called before engines had been invented? Fire… horses? That would be amazing.

But a somewhat impractical way of putting out a fire

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Joshua Jackson was the kid in The Mighty Ducks

Did you know that? I didn’t know that. Go Ducks.

New-word wednesday: ineluctable

\in-ih-LUCK-tuh-buhl\ adjective:

Impossible to avoid or evade; inevitable.


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Don’t study too hard or you’ll get this


The Southern Hemisphere is hogging all the Penguins


New-word Wednesday: Squircle

A squircle is a mathematical shape with properties between those of a square and those of a circle.

It is not a character from a 90s sitcom.

You look at that and tell me it's not a squircle.

Learning how to Rubik’s: Day Nine


I’ve been avoiding seeking online assistance, but I’m starting to crack up.


I just learned all the rules of basketball


I’m at the Sydney Kings vs the Melbourne Tigers.

Turns out there’s more rules than I remember from NBA Jam.

And apparently, following three slam dunks, one does not become “on fire”.

There are 16 words in Japanese for “poo”

Eimear Boyle on Facebook has informed me that there are 16 words in Japanese for fecal matter. I haven’t been able to find all 16, but here’s four I did find, from Japan Probe:

  1. unpi 「うんぴ」 : Diarrheal stool. Could be connected to overeating, having a cold, or stress. It is usually a yellowish-color and it has a very strong smell.
  2. unnyo 「うんにょ」 : Soft and tender poop, but not diarrehea. It comes out when you are feel some indigestion. Yellow-ish or light brown in color. Continue reading
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